Juniper MX with MS-MIC-16G – IPSEC with PSK

These are the steps to set up IPSEC on a Juniper MX with the MS-MIC-16G (multiservices MIC) – these instructions are for an MX80 but will work with any of the MX family with the multiservices MIC. These instructions will set up a route based VPN – you can then run GRE tunnels over the […]

Juniper EX – LLDP Crash

I ran into an issue with LLDP on a virtual chassis of EX4200 switches. When enabling LLDP and LLDP-MED, the LLDP process would constantly crash and restart. Each time it crashes it was creating a core dump. In the messages log file I could see these errors: Apr 22 12:44:37  router1 init: lldpd-service (PID 69355) […]