Dell N3000 – Firmware upgrade breaks BGP

I have 2 stacks of Dell N3048 switches. I upgraded one of them on the weekend from to and found that two of my BGP sessions didn’t come up any more – after establishing and receiving the routes the BGP session would cease with this logged: <191> May  9 07:57:07 level14-stack-5 BGP[BGP Protocol]: bgptcp.c(653) 15582 […]

Blocking WordPress Pingback Verification DDoS

Recently one of the websites I host has come under a few reasonably sized DDoS attacks. The attacker has been (mis)using a WordPress feature, pingback verfications. The attacker sends requests to WordPress sites that have this feature enabled, the WordPress sites then send a HTTP request to the target site to verify the pingback. If […]

pfSense 2.3 – IPSEC + OpenBGPD Dropouts

A while ago I upgraded one of my pfSense servers to 2.3. After I left it running for a while I noticed all of my IPSEC tunnels dropped out and never re-established – restarting the IPSEC service didn’t fix it and the only way I could fix it was rebooting the server. After doing some […]

Barracuda Web Filter and Logstash

I use a Barracuda Web Filter 410 vX. While looking around on the web I couldn’t find any filters that did exactly what I wanted so I created some. The filters will parse both logs from the web interface as well as the access log. Here is an example of the fields that are grok’ed […]