Windows 10 – Group Policy Management Error

After recently applying the latest Windows updates to my PC I started getting an error when using the Group Policy Management tool. You can just click OK for the error to dismiss it but it gets frustrating seeing it every time you go to make a change.

The error message looks like this:

Resource '$(string.RequirePrivateStoreOnly)' referenced in attribute displayName could not be found.

File C:\WINDOWS\PolicyDefinitions\WindowsStore.admx, line 140, column 9

The error appears to be caused by the updates KB3147458 – removing it will fix the issue.

As a work around, you can remove the policies named “RequirePrivateStoreOnly_1” and “RequirePrivateStoreOnly_2” from the C:\WINDOWS\PolicyDefinitions\WindowsStore.admx file.

To do this open an administrative command prompt window and run these commands to change the owneship on the file and open notepad:

takeown /f C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\WindowsStore.admx
icacls C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\WindowsStore.admx /grant Administrators:F
notepad C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\WindowsStore.admx

Remove the two policies I named above, lines 133 to 166. The part you are removing should look like this:


Save the file and close notepad. You can now restore the ownership of the file using this command:

icacls C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\WindowsStore.admx /setowner "NT Service\TrustedInstaller"

Further reading about this can be found on the Technet forum.

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