Windows 10 – Group Policy Management Error

After recently applying the latest Windows updates to my PC I started getting an error when using the Group Policy Management tool. You can just click OK for the error to dismiss it but it gets frustrating seeing it every time you go to make a change. The error message looks like this: Resource ‘$(string.RequirePrivateStoreOnly)’ […]

Juniper MX with MS-MIC-16G – IPSEC with PSK

These are the steps to set up IPSEC on a Juniper MX with the MS-MIC-16G (multiservices MIC) – these instructions are for an MX80 but will work with any of the MX family with the multiservices MIC. These instructions will set up a route based VPN – you can then run GRE tunnels over the […]

Juniper EX – LLDP Crash

I ran into an issue with LLDP on a virtual chassis of EX4200 switches. When enabling LLDP and LLDP-MED, the LLDP process would constantly crash and restart. Each time it crashes it was creating a core dump. In the messages log file I could see these errors: Apr 22 12:44:37  router1 init: lldpd-service (PID 69355) […]

ExaBGP – BGP routing with health checks

ExaBGP is an excellent tool for playing around with BGP. It is feature rich, has an API and gives you the option to run scripts which can announce/withdraw routes. In my environment I use ExaBGP for certain services to ensure high availability (and load balancing using equal cost multipath, ECMP). To do this I wrote […]